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Hypersensitivity during Pregnancy

Hypersensitivity during Pregnancy

Women are at a higher risk of developing sensitive teeth during pregnancy because of their  hormonal changes. During pregnancy, their level of hormones (progesterone and oestrogen) increases 10 – 30 times, causing their gums to soften and bleed. This leaves them more susceptible to gum disease, sensitivity and other tooth problems. As a result, mothers-to-be may feel a sharp pain in their teeth.


  • In Malaysia, more than 60%* of women suffer from sensitive teeth and bleeding gums during pregnancy.

What is Pregnancy Gingivitis?

Changes in hormones during pregnancy can cause gum tissues to respond to plaque bacterial toxins in an exaggerated manner. This leads to red, swollen and bleeding gums called Pregnancy Gingivitis.

Pregnancy gingivitis is noticeable from the second trimester of pregnancy and can last up to the eighth month. Pregnancy gingivitis occurs in 60 to 75% of pregnant women.

Antenatal mothers can prevent pregnancy gingivitis by brushing at least twice a day with an ultra soft toothbrush and flossing daily. In fact, brushing after every meal will add to the effectiveness in preventing pregnancy gingivitis.

Oral Care Tips during Pregnancy:

  • Schedule a routine appointment with a dentist to prevent gum disease.
  • Brush at least twice a day and floss daily
  • Limit the consumption of sweet or snacks that will increase the risk of cavities
  • Use a soft and super slim bristled toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach areas such as back teeth, in between teeth and gum pockets.

What is Systema Sensitive 0.02mm: The ideal toothbrush for women during pregnancy

 With Ultra Soft Convex Bristles, it massages the gums to help control the pressure and reduce brushing stress by 66%** for a smoothing and comfortable clean.

Systema 0.02mm bristles tip is 1/10 the size of an ordinary bristle tip, which is flexible enough to penetrate deeper along hard-to-reach areas such as gum lines and in between teeth to flick away plaque without hurting the gums.

Also, Systema 0.02mm super slim bristles is made from non-animal origin and is patented by Lion Corporation Japan – a leading oral care company in Japan with over 120 years of oral care experience.

Systema Sensitive 0.02mm Ordinary Hard Bristles
Ultra Soft Convex Turfing Bristles Ordinary Flat Bristles
Control pressure and relieve stress on sensitive teeth and swelling gums Unable to control pressure and may cause stress or pain
Less Pressure#
Leading to more comfortable clean
More Pressure#
Hurting gums and tooth surface

* Malaysian Dental Association
# vs an ordinary round end nylon toothbrush
** along gum lines