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Function of Saliva

Function of Saliva


Saliva is deeply associated with health or the functions of our body, including teeth and gums.


  • The production of saliva is promoted when we chew food thoroughly.
    Saliva has various functions including chemical digestion and cleaning the mouth.

Function of Saliva

Chewing thoroughly not only makes it easier to swallow food, but also brings various benefits that promote your health, such as making food more tasty and helping with digestion and absorption.

1 . Chemical digestion: breaks down starch by the function of “salivary amylase”
2. Helps chewing and swallowing
3. Lubricating effect: moisturizes the inside of the mouth and creates smoother speech
4. Solvent effect: dissolves food and allows the tongue to taste food
5. Cleaning effect: washes away food debris and bacteria remaining in the mouth
6. Antibacterial effect: Lysozyme, peroxidase and lactoferrin fight against pathogenic microorganisms
7. pH buffering effect: Prevents sudden changes in pH
8. Supplies minerals, including calcium and phosphorus, to teeth


Various Function of the saliva

Saliva has various functions

1. Cleaning effect of washing away food debris
2. Makes swallowing food easier
3. Antibacterial effect of fighting off bacteria entering the mouth
4. Lubricating effect that protects mucous membranes
5. pH buffering effect that prevents caries
6. Effect of promoting remineralization of teeth
7. Effect of protecting the tongue as a lubricant and developing the sense of taste